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Industrial Autoclave

  Autoclave Aerated Concrete Equipment
We are most professional manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete  plants and we can supply complete set of autoclaved aerated concrete plant with annual capacity from 50000 m3 to 300000 m3 and also the plant design, equipments installation, technical instruction and personal training, etc. We can also design and manufacture as per clients' requirement.

 Raw material:

Fly ash, Cement, Lime, Sand, Gypsum, Water, Aluminum powder and paste of aluminum powder.

Equipment list:

The equipment will be divided into two parts: specialized equipment and universal equipment.
Specialized equipment includes:
(1). Cutting equipment: tilting crane, cutter.
(2).Proportioning equipment: electronic measuring scale, slurry beating machine, slurry storage tank, slurry mixer.
(3). Pouring and autoclave equipment: aluminum powder mixer, pouring mixer, mould, side plate, autoclave truck, carrier car.
(4). Conveying equipment: semi-product crane, end product crane.

Universal equipment includes:

(1). Pressure vessel equipment: boiler, autoclave.
(2). Crush equipment: ball miller, crusher.
(3). Transportation equipment: crane, lifting machine, feeder, belt conveyor, slurry pump, screw conveyor.
(4). Environment protection equipment: dust remover.

Development and characteristics:

Aerated concrete as an important part in the innovation of wall material and construction energy-saving is a kind of ideal material after application of years and can instead of clay brick. It has competence among wall materials. The government has clearly pointed that “Develop the aerated concrete blocks and the aerated concrete production line with annual capacity between 20,000m3 to 300,000m3. Autoclave maintenance and machinery cutting.” Because of the wall innovation and the advantages of the aerated concrete products, aerated concrete will be the most developed new construction materials in the recent 10 years with its light weight.
Aerated concrete has the advantages of light weight, good heat preservation and sound absorbing and is of certain intensity and can be processed, etc.
High energy efficiency is one of the determining characteristics of autoclaved aerated concrete. AAC's cellular structure gives it a thermal efficiency 10 times higher than that of aggregate concrete and two to three times better than clay brick. Consequently, buildings made of AAC are warm in winter and cool in summer.So if you want to buy Autoclave,still kettle,price of autoclave,seller of autoclave aerated concrete production line,contact us as soon as possible.