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hammer crusher

Application of Hammer Crusher/ Hammer Mill:
Hammer crusher is applied to crushing medium hard and weak corrosive materials. They are coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, limestone, etc. The compressive strength of these materials does not exceed 100Mpa, and the moisture is less than 15%. The hammer crusher is also could be used to crush broken wood, paper with fiber structure, strong flexibility and toughness, and also the waste of asbestos cement, in order to recover the asbestos fiber, and so on. In addition, the hammer crusher is not only could be used in the stone crushing production line, stone production line, but also could be replaced by the cone crusher in the mineral production line.
Advantages of the hammer crusher:
Large crushing ratio(general 10-25, and the highest is up to 50), high production capacity, low consumption, simple structure, easy maintenance.
The hammer adopts new technology, and has the feature of wear and impact resistance.
The granularity could be adjusted according to the require of the customers.
Sealed body, avoid the dust pollution and leakage.
Disadvantages of the hammer crusher:
The hammer and the sieve article wear easily, especially crushing hard materials.
When crushing sticky materials, the sieve article will be stocked by the materials, and will cause downtime. So the moisture of the material should not exceed 15%.
Working Principle of the Hammer Crusher:
Hammer crusher crush materials mainly by the shock effect to the materials. Crushing process is roughly like this: materials enter into the crusher, and then are hit by the hammer with high-speed rotation. The broken materials obtain kinetic energy from the hammer, and then run toward the baffles, sieve article. At the same time, materials impact each other, and been repeatedly broken, some of the materials discharged from the gap of the sieve article, and some bigger materials will be impacted, grinded again by the hammer, and become the products with required granularity.
Technical parameter of the Hammer Crusher:

Rotary speed(r/m) Feeding size(mm) Discharging size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Weight (t) Power (kw) Dimension (mm)
PC-400×300 1450 ≤100 10 3-10 0.8 11 812×9827×85
PC-500×350 1250 ≤100 15 5-15 1.2 18.5 1200×1114×1114
PC-600×400 1000 ≤220 15 5-25 1.5 22 1055×1022×1122
PC-800×600 980 ≤350 15 10-50 3.1 55 1360×1330×1020
PC-800×800 980 ≤350 15 10-60 3.5 75 1440×1740×1101
PC-1000×800 1000 ≤400 13 20-75 7.9 115 3514×2230×1515

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