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Which Factor Restricts the Service Life of Impact Crusher Rotor

As the main equipment in the sand production line, many investors pay their attention to the service life of impact crusher rotor. Then which factor restricts the service life of impact crusher rotor? The experts from Henan Zhongke will give the customer the detailed discussion.
1. The Model of Rotor Bearing
Impact crusher work in harsh condition for a long time, which will accelerate the abrasion of rotor bearing. The price of rotor bearing is high and the replace progress is difficult. Therefore, we should correctly select the model of rotor bearing.
2. The Force Condition of Rotor Bearing
The impact load that impact crusher effect on the bearing is mainly depends on the rotor impulse and support flexibility of the bearing block. The increase of support flexibility of bearing block will lighten the impact force on the bearing.
3. The Balancing Precision of Rotor
The weight of the impact crusher is high and the revolving speed is high. The casting deviation of rotor and mass deviation after the installation process of the plate hammer will cause the unbalanced centrifugal force of the rotor. This centrifugal force makes the machine produce forced vibration and lead the damage of bearing and other parts. Then before the use of this machine, we should have the balance test on the rotor.
4. The Cooperative Relationship between the Rotor Bearings
Under the working condition, the rotor bearing will bear the impact force. The impact force on the rolling element is different. The rolling element that under the action of impact load bear the largest bearing force.