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Crusher Industry is Facing with New Development Chance

As we all known, crusher industry has got rapid development in recent years. Nowadays, domestic crusher industry is facing with new development chance. This is reflected in three aspects:
1. The China crushing machinery marker has becomes a hot topic of international equipment manufacturer. As the quick upgrading of crusher equipment, the number of replaced crusher is about 20% of the total consumption of domestic mining market every year. This need has provided a strong driving power to the quick development of mining market.
2. Infrastructure construction has become one of the priority of the current. During the infrastructure construction, there will produce large amount of construction waste. At present, the construction waste has accounted about 35% of the total municipal waste in domestic city. By 2020, our country will increase new construction area of about 30 billion square meters. Crusher equipment will play an important role in the recycling process of construction waster.
3. The new 10 years development plan of the western region and rebuilding will cause a lot of demand on the crushing machinery. The increasing pace of the domestic infrastructure construction will bring the vigorous development to the crushing machinery.
Then the mining enterprise should grasp the development opportunity and follow the development demand to improve the product quality. They should also pay attention to the innovation ability and research the new product for the mining investor. As the professional manufacturer of mining machine, Henan Zhongke is the leader in mining market. We will make more contribution to the development of domestic mining industry.