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Some Measures to Improve the Production Efficiency of Jaw Crusher

The production efficiency is an important index to evaluate the performance and running state of the jaw crusher. High yield and high efficiency has also been a best effect that users are seeking for. In order to maximize meet the customer demand, many manufacturers are try their best to improve the existing technology to improve the production efficiency. At present, the measures are mainly concentrated in the following four aspects:
1. The frame improvement
To the jaw crusher, the wide of feeding port directly limites the width of the frame. The adjustment scope is small. The moving jaw body and other parts have a great restriction on the frame length. Therefore, if we reduce the height of moving jaw bode and increase the depth of crushing chamber at the same time, the frame strength will be greatly improved under the condition of that the changes is not obvious.
2. The improvement of moving jaw
If we want to improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher, moving jaw is a noticeable part. We can redesign the crank, connecting and other components that affect the movement of moving jaw. This change will make jaw crusher has stronger production ability and discharging ability.
3. The improvement of toothed plate
Under normal circumstance, the tooth density toothed plate is decided by the material. The reduction of this density can reduce the abrasion condition and greatly improve the production efficiency.
4. The motor improvement
The crusher motor is designed according to meet the broken requirement of high hardness material. But we dose not need such a big machine in practical production. Then we can properly reduce the motor power to reduce the energy consumption and improve the production efficiency.
The measures to improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher is limited. But the pursuit of science and technology will never stop. Under the common efforts of manufacturers in this industry, the performance of jaw crusher will be more and more prefect. Then the production efficiency of this machine will be greatly improved.