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The Rapid Growth of Domestic Mining Machinery

The in-depth research on the development situation of domestic and foreign mining machinery and the development trend and direction of industrial technology will further improve the manufacturing level of mining machinery. As the brace industry in national economic, mining machinery industry plays an important role in the economic construction and social development. As the exploring machine and raw material processing equipment, mining machinery continuously provides large amounts of industrial product and energy for all walks of life. Mining industry greatly ensures the health and rapid development of national economy. As the foundation of national independent industrial system, mining machinery manufacturing industry is also an important sign of a country’s industrial strength.
Crushing and grinding machine is the main part in mining machinery industry, it including various crushing equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, rotary dryer, cement rotary dryer and so on. Those equipment plays an important role in the deep processing of raw material in the coal, power, chemical, construction material and other industries. Mining industry also can provide the reliable equipment guarantee to the construction process of railway, road, water and electricity construction, and municipal engineering. Mining industry has researched various advanced equipment to many industries. The advanced crushing and grinding machine can meet the energy and raw material demand of national economic and have the important significance.
Mining enterprise should accelerate the research and innovation of mining product and set up the comprehensive after-sales service network system. Nowadays, domestic mining market is facing with the good developing opportunity. Mining enterprise should grasp this chance and produce more crushing and grinding machines with good quality. On the one hand, mining machinery should continuously improve the technological service level and consolidate the market share; on the other hand, they can increase the research effort to meet the innovation reform wave of industry technology.