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Environmental Protection Concept is Important to Crushing Machinery Industry

With the continuous development of social environmental protection concept, our country ha a more stringent requirement on the protection index of mining equipment in the crushing machinery industry. The new mining machine can meet the market demand and  bring more benefit to the mining customer.
Take the SMH hydraulic cone crusher as an example, we have optimized the rotation speed, stroke and crushing cavity type. After the optimization design, the production ability and the product shape of this machine has been greatly improved. The hydraulic regulating discharge mouth and overload protection device have improved the operation level of the whole equipment. This change made the maintenance and operation of this machine more simple.
Henan Zhongke respond to social calls of environmental protection and energy saving and apply the energy conservation and environmental protection concept to the production process. The large scale mining equipment all adopt the hydraulic system, which greatly improve the operability and automation effect. This improvement can save a large amount of manpower and material resources.
Nowadays, environmental protection and energy saving is the developing direction of domestic mining machine. Driven by the market demand, Henan Zhongke will follow the concept of environmental protection of energy saving development. Mining enterprise will try their best to research more environmental mining equipment for the mining market. The environmental mining equipment will play the positive role in the transformation of mining industry.
As the famous manufacturer of mining equipment, Zhongke can produce many kinds of crushing and screening equipment, such as: JC jaw crusher, HCP impact crusher, SNH cone crusher, PP mobile crushing station and waste disposing equipment. All those machine are popular in domestic mining market. If you are interested in those equipment, please contact us freely.