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Cooperative Use of the Sand Making Machine and Cone Crusher

According to the different crushing craft and ore crush, we can equip the different equipment to get the best productive result. Then take the sand making machine and cone crusher as example, we will have a detailed advantages analysis. As the quality sand equipment, new sand making machine and cone crusher can promote the quick development of sand aggregate industry.
With the frequency floods disaster in recent years, our country has more and more policies to protect the natural sand and limit the exploitation of natural sand. This made the increasing demand on the artificial sand and mechanism sand. Our country also started to support the environmental protection mechanism sand. Pebble is an ideal material in the construction fields. It also has a good application in the production process of concrete aggregate. Along with the investment of infrastructure construction project, the demand on the concrete aggregate is also increasing. Because of the advantages of low cost and environmental protection, this project has supported by national policy.
Facing with this situation, Henan Zhongke has researched a series of crushing machine, such as: sand making machine and cone crusher. SMH cone crusher has a wide application in the crushing process of metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical and silicate. This machine can crusher various ores with different hardnesses. Cone crusher has the advantages of big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and even particle size.
Compared with the traditional sand making machine, Henan Zhongke has optimized the structure of new sand making machine and increased the stressed area of the material. This machine is equipped with lubricating device and hydraulic device. After the technological improvement and optimization, the new sand making machine can improve about 45% of the yield and save about 20% of the electric power. This equipment is the true sense of energy conservation and environmental protection products.